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priMED Medical Products addresses the benefits of Nitrile over Latex examination gloves 

Healthcare workers are more susceptible to Latex allergies because of the extent in which they use products containing Latex. The prevalence of latex allergy among healthcare workers in one extensive study was shown to be 12.1% *1. There have been no major incidents reported of an allergic reaction to a Nitrile-based examination glove.

BARRIER PROTECTION - Nitrile is proven to be an effective substitute for Latex in terms of barrier protection, especially in the healthcare setting; “Despite controlling for the effects of manufacturer and stress, we found that latex gloves were about 3 times more likely to show holes or leak water than were nitrile gloves.” *2

® Nitrile gloves have tested well above the ASTM standard D6319-10 (Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application) in both elongation and tensile strength *3 (results available upon request).

® Nitrile gloves have been tested and approved for use with all common chemotherapy drugs *4 (results available upon request). Whereas the use of Nitrile gloves are recommended when dealing with oils, greases, and organic compounds, these substances will easily permeate latex *5.

POWDER–FREE - Powdered examination gloves are made of a chemically cross-linked cornstarch. “The cross-linked cornstarch can abrade delicate tissues in the eye or internal ears and can affect the lungs, especially the underdeveloped respiratory pathways of premature babies and other at-risk patients”.

COST - In the past, major health organizations did not convert from Latex to Nitrile examination gloves due to the higher cost of Nitrile. PrimaTouch
® Nitrile gloves are a similar price point to Latex gloves. In fact, many health organizations are actually saving costs after switching from a powder-free Latex program to priMED’s PrimaTouch® Nitrile gloves.

NEW TECHNOLOGY - priMED’s newest Nitrile glove line (PM6-2000 series) is a breakthrough in Nitrile glove technology. The low - modulus design makes the glove feel like a latex glove in terms of stretch and comfort with the added benefit of being latex-free, powder-free, and now chemical accellerator-free!


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